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Experience the Musical Journey

Become a musician through professional lessons

We Create Music Together

Welcome to AM School of Music!

You have found the right place to pursue your dream of learning music. Here, you will be guided with commitment and passion in every step of your musical journey. Develop your artistic personality and enrich the socio-cultural aspects of your life. Come and join us to create a musical world together. 

We offer piano and theory lessons in western classical music. Classes are held for students to appear for the examinations conducted by Trinity College of London. Students who do not wish to take up examinations can also enroll for classes and learn professionally. Besides the traditional lessons, students will learn popular songs as well. Our lessons are planned to nurture the students into becoming a well-rounded musician. Learning music has its own benefits. It not only helps you to enhance your creativity but also makes you disciplined, get better at people skills, improve your time management and focus. Give yourself an opportunity to do so and have a fun filled life.


We wish you a bright future in life and in your musical endeavors.


Learn. Persevere. Prosper.

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Learn from an Array of Courses

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